Jewelry Podcasts by Virginia Utley and John David Cooney on jewelry topics

These brief podcasts are a valuable insight empowering you to pursue ownership and purchasing jewelry.  The podcasts touch on the rich history of jewelry from two industry professionals who share their knowledge and experiences.

Gemological Institute of America

A non profit organization offering gem stone identification, laboratory reports, and advice to consumers. This organization provides training to the jewelry trade.

Gemological Institute of America

They publish a very informative brochure “How to buy a diamond” If you have additional questions about buying diamonds please call Ms. Utley at: 561.691.4649

American Gem Society

An organization of professional jewelers, industry trade people, and appraisers. The website offers Free Consumer Kits. Utley Enterprises Inc. is a Member of the American Gem Society and Ms. Virginia Utley holds the title of Certified Gemologist Appraiser and Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser.

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

For Jewelry Insurance The Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has been servicing the jewelry industry in wholesale and retail insurance. Jewelers Mutual offers insurance to individual policyholders wishing to insure their jewelry. Please use the code number A00578 when asking for a quotation.

Gulf Coast Jewelry Appraisals

Ms. Utley’s career began in the Fort Myers area where she worked for Fishel and Dowdy Jewelers becoming a gemologist. Ms. Utley’s career was continued with American Gem Society Member firms and now the firm of Utley Enterprises Inc. is an AGS member.

South Florida Jewelry Appraisals

Ms. Utley serves both coasts of South Florida bringing a full gem laboratory to you, your home, office, or bank location.

Treasure Coast Jewelry Appraisals

Ms. Utley brings her gem laboratory to your home, office, bank or other location. No jewelry is left with Ms. Utley. All work is done by appointment at your convenience.


Industry Pricing Guide

The Gem Guide has been found to be the most reliable pricing guide in the industry. It is market driven independent pricing.


You may email us and we will put you in contact with generalist and specialists in the appraisal of personal property.

Member American Society of Jewelry Historians

Member National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

Silver Appraisals

Part of the Network of Palm Beach Jewelry Appraisals, silver appraisals preformed in the home, or bank vault service.